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Millennium Garage Doors is the largest premier garage door manufacturer on the west coast. Our corporate office in Corona features a 100,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility with capacity to ship product across the U.S. and worldwide! Our steel doors are produced with the highest of standards to supply your company and customers with best doors on the market today. To ensure you have the fastest turnaround to your customers, we have five distribution centers in Southern California to serve you. Few if any other company can compare to us!

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Ironwood Doors is a builder of custom wood garage doors and custom wood gates. Crafted to meet your design criteria, our custom wood garage doors have the appearance of old fashioned swing doors and operate just like a modern sectional garage door. You can create almost endless design options with Ironwood Doors custom wood garage doors.

At Ironwood Doors, we believe that the best craftsmanship results in a beautiful, low-maintenance product that brings happiness and satisfaction to you, the homeowner. As the pioneer and innovation leader in the custom wood garage door industry for over 25 years, we have researched the best methods to preserve your investment, and guarantee a finished product we know will serve you well.

The possibilities are truly endless when designing your custom wood door or gate from Ironwood Doors. As you navigate through this site, you will have the opportunity to make your vision of that perfect wood door a reality.